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Life Insurance

General Insurance

General Insurance is considered as one of the practical options opted to live a risk-free life. Every activity undertaken is inherently full of risks, so it becomes crucial to safeguard all the things owned by us. This security and safety can be acquired through General Insurance.

General Insurance is a contract that provides financial compensation for the financial loss incurred due to liabilities. Under this, an insurer has to pay a monthly or annual premium. This premium accumulates with other policymakers and goes together in a big pool of funds. These funds are later utilized by policymakers to help people up to the limit they have selected at the times of difficulty.

This insurance covers a broad range of assets including automobiles, real-estates, business, homes, and provides payments for the loss suffered. Owing to the risk posed by perils like diseases, medical emergencies, natural calamities and accidents, General Insurance policy is something that can provide a blanket of financial protection to them. Under this policy, types of risk can be easily chosen that every individual is willing to undertake.

General Insurance is a chief policy that every individual should opt for. This insurance policy enables you to live a risk-free life while protecting your assets against losses. This handy tool goes a long way in welcoming certainty and maintaining peace of mind in life.

Indian Marketology provides our clientele with the General Insurance service. We assist you in eliminating the inherent risks that are a part of your life through our advisory service. Our experienced and professional experts ensure that your assets are protected at a minimum cost. The risk associated with your assets is categorized, measured and analyzed in a bid to lower it and offer effective advisory service. Our customized solutions will solve all your doubts.